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Roy Kerwood

Born 1949 in Golly Old England of Mixed Jewish Anglican parents. I came to Canada with the family and ended up in Smith Falls, Ontario where my dad ran the largest mental hospital in Canada, Where thousands of mentally challenged people were warehoused.

We moved to the west coast in 1956 to the beautiful little resort town of Crescent Beach BC, we moved almost every year till I was in my early teens when the folks broke up and my brother and I went to live with dad in Quebec.

I took up photography in the late sixties and met John Lennon and took some photos of him in 1969.

I sold stereo and electronics till the early 80's when I took a computer programming course at McGill university. I studied for 4 years at night and dreamed programming each night. By the end of the 4th Micro Computers were just being accepted by business. My sales background and love of computers put me solidly into the industry.

In 1990 I was in a serious car accident and after two years of rehabilitation I moved to BC.


I was born at the Hospital in Norwich University

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